SWS Technical Consultancy Services
In order to provide a wider range of services to SWS members, the technical consultancy sub-committee has initiated a network of individual specialists who have good professional qualification and good track record in solving welding-related engineering problems. These specialists will provide consultancy service to our SWS members upon request. We also encourage and welcome SWS members who are capable of doing consultancy work to join the network, so you might be able to provide consultancy service to our fellow members.

The recommended consultancy charges are as following
  • The minimum charge for each consultancy work is S$400.- (3 hours).
  • If the consultancy work is beyond 3 hours, additional S$120-180/hour will be charged depending on the expertise required and the seniority of the consultant.
  • Expenses for travel and accommodation will be also charged if necessary.

The final charges will be agreed between the consultant and the clients. The terms and conditions stipulated by Singapore Welding Society shall be applied.
As the network is a valuable resource, the technical consultancy sub-committee would like to encourage our members to use the services. We hope our members could find timing and cost-effective solutions through the consultancy services.