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44th Annual General Meeting (AGM 2022)

The 44th Annual General Meeting (AGM 2022) of Singapore Welding Society (SWS) was held on 28 May 2022 at 3:00pm Singapore time. This was the third consecutive year that the AGM was conducted virtually via Zoom webinar instead of a physical meeting.

As our members have been informed, the 44th AGM of SWS was convened and conducted by electronic means pursuant to the ‘COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Alternative Arrangements for Meetings for Registered Societies) Order 2020’.

Preparations for the AGM commenced as early as the 8 April 2022 when the call for nomination of members to the Council (10 seats) were sent out. This was followed by the receipt/verification of nominations and communication of information regarding the AGM, which includes:

  1. Notice of the AGM with FAQs
  2. Minutes of 43rd AGM 2021
  3. President’s Report for the term 2021-2022
  4. Treasurer’s Report and Statement of Comprehensive Income for 2021
  5. Proxy Voting form

The AGM kicked off at 3.05pm upon confirmation that the meeting had the required quorum to proceed by SWS Honorary Secretary, Mr Lim Zhi Yang. He welcomed the members and briefed them on the agenda for the meeting:

  1. To confirm the minutes of the 43rd AGM held on 26 June 2021.
  2. To consider, approve, and adopt the Annual/President’s Report of the Council for 2021/2022.
  3. To consider, approve, and adopt the Treasurer’s Report and Statement of Comprehensive Income for 2021.
  4. To elect Council members for 2022-2024.

Next, Dr Sun Zheng, SWS President welcomed all members to the AGM. Although the safety measures have been lifted recently, this AGM was still conducted virtually to safeguard the health of members. He hopes that this will be the last virtual SWS AGM, and that members will gather face-to-face again the following year.

Mr Lim Zhi Yang then went through the four (4) agenda items listed above with the support from SWS Honorary Treasurer, Mr Simon Wong Man Ming, who presented the Treasurer’s Report and Statement of Comprehensive Income for 2021. On the final agenda, which is to elect Council members for 2022-2024, there were only nine (9) nominations to the Council and hence these nine (9) members were considered elected to the Council.

On behalf of the society, Mr Lim Zhi Yang expressed his gratitude towards Mr Eddie Ko who will be leaving the Council. He has served the Council for over 30 years and had been in various committees, including being the Past President for term 2017-2018.

There were no questions raised by the members and the meeting concluded at 3.45pm Singapore time.

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