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Basic NDT Infrared Thermography with Some Applications


Venue: Training Room T1C, No. 9 Jurong Town Hall Road, TA Hub
Speaker: Prof Xavier Maldague
Date: 08 Apr 2024
Time: 06:00pm - 08:30pm
Registration Close Date: 05 Apr 2024



In this presentation, Prof Maldague briefly introduces Infrared Thermography (IRT) as a non-invasive, non-destructive testing (NDT) technique for inspection across various fields. Utilising both passive and active approaches, IRT detects and converts infrared energy emitted from an object into thermograms, providing immediate visual documentation of thermal properties and performance. It excels in identifying defects such as cracks and voids, assessing thermal performance, and detecting issues in electrical and mechanical systems without causing damage. Applicable in industries like aerospace, construction, and manufacturing, IRT’s advantages include its ability to inspect complex geometries from a distance and its rapid, contactless examination capabilities. However, its effectiveness can be affected by environmental conditions and requires skilled interpretation of results.

About the Speaker

Xavier Maldague is a full professor at the Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering of Université Laval, Québec, Canada (since 1989, Director of the Computing Engineering program from 2002-2003, Director of the Department from 2003-2008, also in 2018, January to March and 2023-24 June-Feb.). He has trained over 60 graduate students (M. Sc., Ph. D., postdoctoral level). His research interests are in infrared thermography, Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE) techniques and vision and digital systems for industrial inspection: he has set up a research group on Infrared Techniques for Non-destructive Evaluation with a well-known international reputation and was awarded a prestigious Tier 1 – Canada Research Chair in that field in 2004, renewed in 2011, 2018.

He authored or co-authored more than three hundred papers, several books, and one patent on these topics. Two of his books are now part of the body of knowledge of the American Society for Non-destructive Testing (ASNT) on infrared NDE. He was also appointed technical editor for the first handbook of the ASNT on Thermal and Infrared Techniques (and also for the next edition due in 2024).



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